Welcome to the Rush Communique experience!


We are your One-Stop answer to the most successful Marketing and the highest quality Event Production.

Our personalized boutique services have a Hands-On approach. We deliver a Turnkey service for all of your marketing needs. Rush Communique is all you need to launch a product, an artist, to plan an event or promote your brand.

Our main arenas are in the United States. Rush Communique also has an international presence with event production and artist booking capabilities in Europe and Asia.

We can brand your product within your target market. We provide a very effective minority culture marketing services to help you bring more awareness to your brand.

It is essential to have a reputable and experienced firm stand behind your marketing. Rush Communique's support team has over 20 years of result driven expertise, quality and integrity. Rushcommunique is a boutique marketing and branding firm working with the industry top talents.

Make Your Brand in Demand! 


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